Welcome ✨

Hello friends! 

Kara here! I gather you’ve made your way around the limited square space that is my website. Thank you for stopping by, and please have grace upon my space, I am only just learning the very basics of running my own site. 

I am excited about this [big] small step in my music career, and even just your checking in is a great support. After a few years of persistently emailing bookers, literally begging venues for a chance, taking free gigs, and attending every local show my schedule could afford, I think I can safely say that my name is starting to gain some familiarity, and possibly some popularity(?), here in Rochester, NY. 

My next steps? Collaborate with other musicians! Put together an EP! Book a mini tour! Believe me, all of the above are in the works. But in the meantime, I humbly offer this quaint little webpage with some social media links and upcoming show dates. 

Don’t go too far, though! There’s much more to come ✨?