An Unofficial Update

Hi friends ✨ 

We're a little over two months into this "new normal" and it truly is starting to feel "normal", even if some aspects are unwelcome. For many singer/songwriters, this has season has hosted a LOT of new music. Though I am still working an essential 9-5 job, I am not an exception. Free time has left space for deep thoughts, and deep thoughts are usually best conveyed lyrically, rather than directly.

For me, it has been liberating to have evenings and weekends off for the first time since...probably middle school. I have finally gotten around to finishing (or simply starting) many projects that I have put off for months...or years 😅. I purchased my first Focusrite and am now experimenting with at-home recordings. We've got some work to do in that arena, but better recording equipment has allowed me to make a YouTube comeback (referencing my former minor popularity as an embarrassing YouTube vlogger/songwriter back in my teenage years - but don't go looking, most of those videos have since been removed😉).

I have also been in touch with a couple of different producers, and though I have nothing written in stone and no dates established as of yet, stick around, because announcements will be made in the very near future. 

Thank you all for checking in and reading my intermittent posts. I am excited about the steps I will be taking in the coming seasons, and I am eager to share new music with you all. 


Blessings and "stay safe" as they say these days,

Kara 🌱 ✨