New Music!

Hello all, 

I am excited to announce the release of my single, "Known"! It will be available on all music streaming platforms July 3rd. 

Just a few days ago a shared the following message with my social media following:

"For those who started following my music within the last couple years or so, you probably know me for my “contemporary folk” “jazz adjacent” style of writing. It me. What you may not know, however, is that six years ago I was almost exclusively a Christian worship artist. Known was written six years ago.⁣ 
I will be entirely honest with you all. I hesitated quite a bit with releasing this song before releasing some of my more recent music. While I continue to lead worship at church and while my faith still inspires my lyricism now, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “worship artist” at this point. I write different genres and I have a different audience. To be truthful. I was nervous that if I release a song from my worship artist era before I release music from my jazz-folk era, then I would lose following. ⁣ 
But here is my conviction: I am not to divorce my identity as a worshipper from any aspect of my life, be it work, school, or MUSIC. I am a worshipper not just first, but always. I don’t have to apologize for that. My own musical success was never supposed to be my priority. Jesus should always hold that spot.⁣ 
All that to say, the Lord has asked me to release this song that was recorded two years ago and written six years ago BEFORE I release anything else. And to tell you the truth once more, I think it may be one of my favorites I’ve written to date. There will be more music. There will be folk-indie-pseudo-jazz. But I will preface my musical profile, whatever the subject matter may be, whatever the genre may be, with the sincere lyrics, 'Take this life to make Your glory known'."


Thanks so much for listening! I can't wait to share this song with you ✨