2021 Wrap Up

Hello all!


I suppose you could say I've been on hiatus here--but I assure you it has felt quite the opposite on my end! While I did take bit of a musical pause over the past year, my personal life…


New Music!

Hello all, 

I am excited to announce the release of my single, "Known"! It will be available on all music streaming platforms July 3rd. 

Just a few days ago a shared the following message with my social media following:



An Unofficial Update

Hi friends ✨ 

We're a little over two months into this "new normal" and it truly is starting to feel "normal", even if some aspects are unwelcome. For many singer/songwriters, this has season has hosted a LOT of new music…


Welcome ✨

Hello friends! 

Kara here! I gather you’ve made your way around the limited square space that is my website. Thank you for stopping by, and please have grace upon my space, I am only just learning the very basics of…